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Our Life Together


Some quotes about St Peter’s from some recent new comers:-


“My favourite thing is being able to light a candle before or during the service. Simple as it may seem, I have never been part of a church before where this was an option. I love being able to lift up people, and situations, that have been weighing me down, and knowing I can leave them in the hands of God. It is a grounding, and comforting, reminder that I am not alone, that there is a God who cares about what I care about, that He asks us to cast our burdens onto Him, and that He answers my prayers.” 


“St Peter’s church has a very welcoming and friendly community, very family oriented. Family Service at 4 has always been great for our family to attend as it is less formal and more interactive and made me feel more at ease when my son was little and unable to sit still. Now, my children really enjoy Sunday School, where they do a range of fun activities, connect with friends and learn about faith. Reverend Tim’s sermons are always relevant and his Bible Study group is advancing my understanding of the most important scripture ever written.”

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